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3 Reasons to Invest in a New Mower this Season

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Save Time

Maintaining a beautiful lawn takes a lot of time and effort. Having a mower that is old and faulty makes maintaining your lawn even more difficult. The endless cost of repairs and chasing down new parts can double the amount of time you spend and eats into your already busy schedule. With a new updated mower you can get some of that precious time back and focus on enjoying your beautiful lawn with friends and family.

Personal Safety

Having an outdated mower means many of the moving parts are old and compromised. There are several parts such as the blade and engine that spin fast and get extremely hot. Constantly having to adjust the motor and come in close contact with the blade is dangerous. Older mowers cause thousands of injuries and amputations every season.

Engine Repair
Unhealthy Grass

Turf Health

Mowing a lawn with a dull blade can cause damage like discoloration, lawn disease and portions of the grass being pulled up during the mowing process. A sharp blade powered by a strong engine gives a cleaner cut allowing your lawn to recover more quickly.

After all the time, and effort you invest in growing a thick, beautiful lawn, ensuring you have good quality updated equipment will make maintaining your lawn more rewarding all season long. Finding a payment solution that fits your unique credit profile with affordable payments is one simple application away.  Get started here.

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